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About XfactorDates

In today’s hectic world something has to give and more often than not it’s our love lives that take a beating. When you are surrounded by friends who always seem to be in relationships, it can make being in ‘singledom’ a pretty boring place! Our research shows that there is an ever-growing need in the singles market, for a fun, affordable and guaranteed way to meet like-minded professionals, in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Nightclubs and bars are often too noisy and although friends relish in their ability to send you on the perfect blind date, rarely does this result in a coming together of minds! This is where Xfactordates steps in. We host stylish and fashionable speed dating and singles events throughout the UK, for professionals looking for a fun night out and the opportunity to meet single people without any pressure. Our guests come from a wide range of fields and professions, ensuring that there will be a great mix of individuals for you to meet.

If you’re single, this is definitely the place to meet lots of sophisticated women in a fun and relaxed environment, without having to approach them with some cheesy line! Mark, Graphic Designer, 30 Speed Dating and Singles Events are fast becoming ‘the’ way to meet like-minded singles – with this in mind, Xfactordates offers you a unique experience. When you arrive at one of our events you will be greeted with a complimentary cocktail by our friendly, and welcoming Ice-breaker hosts. The event brings together an equal number of single men and women who you can meet and chat to before the event begins. At our speed dating events, you will get the opportunity to take part in around twenty, three minute “mini-dates”. At the end of each date, you simply mark on your scorecard whether you would be interested in seeing that person again, either as just a friend, or a potential partner. All mutual matches are then able to get in touch and contact each other after the event by logging back into our comprehensive website and viewing each other’s profiles. Unlike other speed dating and singles event companies, our aim is to ensure that you have a relaxed and enjoyable evening. The event is organized to allow ample time for you to mingle, both before and after the speed dating sessions, so even after your ‘mini-dates’, you have the rest of the evening to mix, chat and get to know the other guests. Our guests always have a fantastic evening – 67.7% of our guests recommend Xfactor to their friends!