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Success Stories

The text below was on the so-called success stories page on the site prior to the company going into liquidation in July 2012. It used the x name theme so it was called experiences. 
Some would say seeing xfactordates and success in the same sentence is rather ironic. We list this success stories page purely for research purposes only. Read some of our success stories from Xfactor Daters. Remember – if you don’t get a match at one of our dating events, your next event is FREE! 

“The event was excellent – a lot better than I thought it would be. Lots of good looking people, some far too attractive to be single! Sunil, London, 31 “I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you! I met an amazing man at one of your events a few months ago and we have been together ever since and it absolutely fantastic and I am having the most incredible time. I honestly didn’t expect to meet anyone (despite it being that kind of night!) and thought it would just be fun, I didn’t think I’d meet someone that I’d fall in love with!” Nicci, London “I had a very good night – it was my first experience of anything like this. It’s a superb way to spend an evening with like-minded single people with no pressure, just chatting.” Mark, 25, Cardiff “Speed dating is not just about finding Mr or Mrs. Right. It’s a great opportunity to meet a wide variety of people with different backgrounds” Shellie, Blackpool, 41 “Pleasantly surprised – one of my best nights in London. If you are anxious or nervous about speed dating – don’t be! Where else can you speak with every girl at the party!!” Joe, London, 33

“The approach is a good one, as it allows you to get a feel for the person one on one. I would definitely come again” Sarah, Newcastle, 29 “Didn’t expect to see so many good looking girls with such great personalities. 22 dates in one night. What can I say” Tam, Blackpool, 34 “It was a great night; efficiently run and with a diverse group of people to talk to” Andrea, Guildford, 24 “This is a totally hassle-free way to meet women. It’s a winner!” Sam, Northampton, 27 “Things have been going fantastically and we’re moving in together! Hurrah! We met at the London event in July (singles night), he says he saw my photo on the wall and just knew! He came to find me, we chatted for the rest of the evening and then he called the next day and we’ve been together ever since. We have tons in common, both work in the media and are having an amazing time. So thank you! It does work and I am so glad I came to an Xfactor event or I never would have met the love of my life!” Nicci, London, 31 “We came in a group and we all had a great time. The hosts made us feel completely at ease and we all had a scream. Thanks to everyone” Gisella, Manchester, 32 “It was excellent had a really good opportunity to meet a wide variety of people. I was amazed that all the people were all so friendly” Donna, London, 45 “Speed dating is not hard or intimidating, it’s very relaxed and I wished I’d tried this earlier, top marks!!” Phil, Gloucester, 28 “Had a fantastic night meeting a wider group of people than I could possibly meet in an entire year, never mind a single night! James, Brighton, 33 “Had an excellent feel-good factor throughout the night!” Laura, Bournemouth, 24 “I went with an open mind and really enjoyed myself” Richard, Colchester, 42 “Even if you are coming along on your own you are guaranteed to feel welcome, have a good time and meet lots of people” Loretta, Brighton, 36 “If you’re thinking it about it, don’t hesitate – a really enjoyable evening!” Rita, London, 26 “Nice touch with the complimentary drinks at door and the Ice-breakers did a sterling job of relaxing everyone” Jonathan, Newcastle, 29, “I thought the night was well organized and was very relaxed and comfortable. I think Singles Parties are the future for single people in London!” Daniel, London, 32 “Excellent night! What a fun way of being socially promiscuous!” Jeremy, Edinburgh, 35 “Like everyone else, I was unsure at first, but within minutes of it starting, I had totally relaxed and was able to begin to enjoy myself. It is so much easier knowing that everyone else there WAS single and looking, and I didn’t have to go round the houses trying to find out, I could just concentrate on getting to meet and know people” Mike, Birmingham, 26 “I really enjoyed every minute!! Friendly staff and really nice girls! Will come again soon” Shawn, Watford, 24 “Fantastic night, met lots of interesting people, everyone was very friendly. I found the whole evening very relaxing” Christine, Cardiff, 36 “I Really enjoyed it, much better than I expected. Found all the dates interesting and was surprised how quickly and pleasantly 3 mins go”

Paula, Bournemouth, 31 “I think the idea of speed dating is a great idea and I had a fantastic evening meeting lots of girls I would otherwise not had the chance to meet!” Jonathan, 25, London Pleasant and friendly Ice-breakers, good organization, the nice venue…highly recommended night out!” Firas, 33, Glasgow “It’s a great chance to find the man of dreams but you also get a chance to have a great night out and make new friends” Zoe, 24, Belfast “I had a great night!! It was such good fun! It was a relaxed and positive atmosphere!! Met some really nice people regardless if anything else happens!!” Natalie, 28, London “I thought it was great to break the ice and pull the lids off so many hidden people in such a short time. Surprising how underneath we can really talk, even the shy ones” Martin, 37, Warrington “The formula works very well, I met some very interesting people and I would love to go to the next event for my age group” Amanda, Coventry, 45 “It was a good way to meet a large cross-section of people in a short period of time” Jak, London, 31 “It was very professionally organized and the idea of ‘chatters’ (I have forgotten the official name) to make people feel at home who are on their own, is an excellent one.” David, Property Developer, 47 “I can’t believe all the gorgeous guys!! Thank you Xfactor, that was the best Saturday night I’ve had in ages!” Sophie, Actress/Model, 28 “My life is so hectic with my work, I went along for a laugh to try something different & couldn’t believe how much fun it was!” Dan, Canary Wharf, 26 “I loved every minute! I will definitely be back if it doesn’t work out with one of my matches” Tyrone, Birmingham, 30 “I was so bored of being chatted up by drunken blokes in smoky clubs and bars. Your venue was amazing and I met and chatted to loads of really great guys.” Phillipa, Product Manager, 24 “I always thought speed dating was a bit sad but has now been to an Xfactor event, I realized that it’s just like a normal night out in a really cool bar that’s full of interesting, good-looking people that you actually want to talk to! I’m bringing my mates to the next one!” Ben, Graphic Designer, 25 ” I went to your night in Soho & just couldn’t believe how many good looking, single women were in one room! I got 3 matches and I’ve now been seeing Sarah for a month.” Stef, Hampstead Heath, 31 “Great atmosphere, great women, great hosts, got 5 matches – had a GREAT night! Keep up the good work.” Rob, Bristol, 24 “What you have achieved is much appreciated by us BUSY, single people in London.” Sinead, West Hampstead, 26 “Thanks for a great night last night ” I really enjoyed myself and I think I may have found my soul mate.” Kerry, Newcastle, 29 “I was pleasantly surprised to find the people at your event were all up for a laugh – everyone I met was down to earth, fun & really easy to talk to.” Jamie, Wimbledon, 28

“If you’re single, this is definitely the place to meet lots of sophisticated women in a fun and relaxed environment, without having to approach them with some cheesy line!” Mark, Graphic Designer, 30 “I had heard that this was the best way to meet single, professional men and I would definitely now have to agree. I can’t wait to see how many matches I get.” Jo, London, 28 “I can’t believe I haven’t tried this before!! I’ve met more women in ONE night than I would normally meet in ONE year!” Craig, Hertford, 26 “I’ve just moved down to London, so I’m keen to meet new people & you certainly didn’t let me down. From your event the other night, I’ve already got a hot date next week & a couple of new drinking partners!” Robyn, Hampstead, 29