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Author: Caroline Burton

The Status of Online Dating During COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s time to stand up and unite with the rest of the world in the fight against the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic. As you read this, millions of others are drawing up plans, organizing themselves, and preparing to survive through the coming months. Like us, they hope to stay safe and healthy. Though the virus has only just been detected by the international community, the country has already begun to see its casualties. The ongoing pandemic has the potential to change the way people date radically. The online dating industry, especially the internet-based in-person fact-checking and dating sites, will likely face a significant decrease in traffic. This will result in a possible reduction in online dating revenue for many companies. It is impossible to predict how this decrease in revenue will impact the online dating industry.

Not too long ago, I encountered a problem that was very stressful and could not be solved easily: I couldn’t find a date for a while. I don’t know if it is true in your country, but it is quite hard to find a date with the very intense competition of the single people in mine. Those who choose to date during a pandemic are few and far between. What kinds of people are interested in finding love during an apocalypse? What are the types of relationships that are formed? Is there a chance that these people can fall in love and stay in love in the middle of this pandemic?

In the past three months alone, several articles and posts have been written about The State of Online Dating during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people have written blogs and articles about how online dating services are shutting down, about how they are already closed, how they are closing down, and what the future holds for online dating during a pandemic.

The Best Apps for Hooking Up

We are living in world of fast connection and quick hookups. The numbers of apps created for that are constantly on the rise and people use them more and more every day. The dating game is very much different than it was a decade ago, so people today mostly rely on hookup apps when they want to meet someone. There are hundreds of apps you can use, but not all of them provide the same options, features and overall quality. The following are some top hookup apps to use when searching for a partner online.

            This is probably the biggest hookup app you can find with millions of users from virtually any country in the world. Their matchmaking system is very simple and easy, and all you have to do is just swipe the profiles left or right, depending whether you like the person or not. At this app you can hook up and arrange a date with someone in less than five minutes. Free Meet n Fuck comes with tons of helpful options, it is very quick and efficient app, and it`s fantastic app to use when travelling somewhere and willing to hook-up with someone local.


            AdultFriendFinder offers group chats and live videos in addition to text chat. It has nearly thirty million active monthly users, so chances are very high you will meet many people. At this app you will find some kinky groups to join in and virtually every fetish is covered. Interacting with other is great regardless of whether you are looking for quick hookup, sexting or sharing videos. There are people with all kinds of kinks and fetishes and there are some high quality matchmaking services that you will really like. The user base is massive and AdultFriendFinder is also LGBTQ friendly.

            At Free Fuckbook App you can find tons of singles interested in chat and meetings. There are many users from every country in the world, and as the name suggests – this app is all about hookups. It has a smaller user base than AdultFriendFinder, but it is a great to use nevertheless. There are some pretty handy search filters to use, so check someone local or someone sexy from another country.


            Match is a great hookup app with more experienced and mature people. With almost eight million paid users, Match is certainly great to use if you are looking to meet someone sexy and experienced to hook up with. The age range at this site is more diverse than at other apps and Match regularly attracts more mature and more sexually experienced users. There are plenty of options and limitless search possibilities available, so fill in the questionnaire about your likes and dislikes and jump into the action.


            This is very hip place that is LGBT-friendly and open for everyone. There is fair share of younger and mature singles, interested both for hookups and relationships. You can search and find someone great regardless of your preferences. It is a fun app and site to use, has a very modern and user-friendly interface, and the success rate is also high.

            These were some great hookup apps to use for meeting people, but there are plenty of more others. Check them all out and see which one is best for your interests.

Use Instagram to get Dates

Instagram is one of the most used and most popular social platforms and is great for connecting and meeting other people. Finding dates on Instagram is easier than you think, but you have to follow several rules first. Consider the following tips and soon enough you will find many dates on Instagram.

  • Set your Instagram profile to public, so people will notice you. Instagram is a social app and there is no need for you to be shy. Make your photos public and post frequently in order to grab the attention of others.
  • Mention that you are single in your profile. There might be girls that really like you, but are reluctant to send a message believing you have someone in your life. Therefore, remove all doubts and tell the world you are single and ready to date. Besides that, do not forget to use some hashtags that will also point you are single, such as #single, #dating, #relationship, #seekinglove, and some others. That way you will surely increase the base of followers that are also single and ready to mingle.
  • Start following interesting, attractive people that you want to hook up with. Like their photos, posts and other things in order to let them know you like them. Comment on the things they post and break the ice slowly. If the other person replies then you can proceed from there and get to know each other more.
  • Post frequently to Instagram Stories. This feature is very helpful and receives most action on Instagram. Caption attractive photos and add videos for better social engagement and higher ranking.
  • Post some romantic stuff and use adequate emoticons. Express your feelings and thoughts about love and relationship, post romantic lyrics from your favorite songs or share favorite love quotes from famous writers.
  • Post videos that will show your interests and likes. Talk about something that you are passionate about, so your online crushes will hear your voice and see you live. That will likely lead to conversations on the app, so don`t be shy.
  • Always reply to girls that have commented on your posts. Let them know you value their opinion and that you appreciate they took the time to comment. Press the heart button and reply with some nice emoticons.
  • Search for people that have similar hashtags as you and start direct messaging with someone you really like. In private chats you can get to know each other more, exchange some quick and flirty messages and check whether you are compatible to date. You can exchange your contact information like phone numbers and emails and intensify your conversations. If you both like each other, then a good idea would be to arrange a meeting in person. When you finally meet in person you will get a good idea whether there is chemistry between you two and whether you should proceed forward with your communication.

            These were some advices on how to use Instagram to get dates. Remember that you should be persistent when looking for a date as nothing guarantees success overnight. Take some time to learn all the mentioned tips here, use them wisely and soon enough you should be arranging dates with some nice, attractive people.

Best Pick Up Lines

Pickup lines are the first lines that men use when they approach women. These are so-called ‘ice-breakers’ that should relax the atmosphere and help both sides move towards positive direction. Latest technology has significantly changed the way we hook-up and flirt with people. However, pickup lines have always remained relevant and are proven to work if used correctly. Remember that pickup lines can be highly effective, but how often they will be successful and to what extent it depends solely on you. You have to be very confident when using them to compliment a girl and should serve for establishing a good connection with that person. Prior using any pickup or introductory line, make sure you read the girl`s body language to see if she is remotely interested in you.

When Should You Use Pickup Lines

            Pickup lines can be used anytime you find a woman attractive and you want her to know it, but you need to be respectful and avoid being pushy. Remember that when you approach the girl with a pickup line, the first thing you say will serve as your introduction to her and she will likely draw first impression about you. Pickup lines are considered precursors to conversations with the opposite sex, so take some time to improve your confidence and learn some good pickup lines to use. 

            Another thing that you should remember is that the pickup lines you use online and in-person are very much different from each other. They do not work equally. Those pickup lines you tell a girl in a bar will not work for you successfully online. Therefore, you have to get creative and come up with something appropriate for the situation and place you are in. In any case, always be honest, respectful and have good manners when approaching a girl you like. If you plan to use some pickup lines online, then it is advisable you get more information about the girl you like. That will give you a better idea about what she likes so your pickup lines will have better effect.

Top Pickup Lines to Say

            There are thousands of different pickup lines to use and usually the best are those that are complimentary, funny and romantic. You can get creative and come up something you believe it will work well or you can try using some of the following effective pickup lines.

  • “One a scale of one to ten, you’re a nine and I’m the one you need.”
  • ”Can I take your photo to prove to all my friends that angels really exist?”
  • ”I’m not a photographer, but I can picture us together living happily ever after.”
  • “I can’t see the stars tonight because you outshine them all.”
  • ”There must be something wrong with my eyes. I can’t take them off of you.”
  • ”Excuse me, I think you dropped something. My jaw.”
  • ”If you were words on a page, you’d be what they call ‘fine print.’”

Speed Dating 101

Speed dating is a type of matchmaking system that connects two people that have fairly similar interests. The purpose of speed dating is to make it easier for single people to meet their significant other. As the name suggests, in speed dating people rotate on quick dates. These dates usually last for a few minutes but it differs from place to place, depending on the organizer of the event. People sit together and talk to each other until a bell rings, which tells them it is time to move on to another date. After the event is over, all participants in the speed dating event receive a list from the organizer with names of people they are interested in meeting them again. If both parties match and want to get to know each other more, then their contact information is shared between them and they can freely arrange a date of their own.

How Speed Dating Events Are Organized?

            These events are usually organized for people that look for more serious partner and long-term relationship. In order to participate in a speed dating event, interested people need to register first. Then they will be notified by the organizers about the exact time and venue where the event will be held. These speed dating events are very popular nowadays and have proven to be successful for many people.

Advantages of Speed Dating

            This type of matchmaking process comes with numerous advantages. For example, with speed dating you are going straight to the point with someone. On the other side, you never know how the ordinary date will go if you go out with a random person. You do not know in advance what type of people they are, what their interests and hobbies are and so on. In speed dating you have a rough idea what can you expect, so the chances for success are higher. With speed dating you can meet many interesting people from different regions, backgrounds and with different age. There are many people that will share same interests as you so you can expect to find someone that has same values as you. Even if the first speed date is not successful, just move on and you will eventually find someone interesting as dates are rotating rapidly.

            Another positive thing about speed dating is that you have many options and bigger space to find a solid partner in short period of time. You do not have to invest lots of time, energy and money to go out in pubs, clubs or attend some awkward social gatherings. At speed dates there is no need to even introduce yourself because the interaction is previously structured and managed even before you sit opposite the other person. At speed dates you can choose to go alone or in a group with other people. You do not have to choose a venue for the meeting or the time. All those details are handled by the organizers, so you can focus on finding your ideal partner.