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Use Instagram to get Dates

Instagram is one of the most used and most popular social platforms and is great for connecting and meeting other people. Finding dates on Instagram is easier than you think, but you have to follow several rules first. Consider the following tips and soon enough you will find many dates on Instagram.

  • Set your Instagram profile to public, so people will notice you. Instagram is a social app and there is no need for you to be shy. Make your photos public and post frequently in order to grab the attention of others.
  • Mention that you are single in your profile. There might be girls that really like you, but are reluctant to send a message believing you have someone in your life. Therefore, remove all doubts and tell the world you are single and ready to date. Besides that, do not forget to use some hashtags that will also point you are single, such as #single, #dating, #relationship, #seekinglove, and some others. That way you will surely increase the base of followers that are also single and ready to mingle.
  • Start following interesting, attractive people that you want to hook up with. Like their photos, posts and other things in order to let them know you like them. Comment on the things they post and break the ice slowly. If the other person replies then you can proceed from there and get to know each other more.
  • Post frequently to Instagram Stories. This feature is very helpful and receives most action on Instagram. Caption attractive photos and add videos for better social engagement and higher ranking.
  • Post some romantic stuff and use adequate emoticons. Express your feelings and thoughts about love and relationship, post romantic lyrics from your favorite songs or share favorite love quotes from famous writers.
  • Post videos that will show your interests and likes. Talk about something that you are passionate about, so your online crushes will hear your voice and see you live. That will likely lead to conversations on the app, so don`t be shy.
  • Always reply to girls that have commented on your posts. Let them know you value their opinion and that you appreciate they took the time to comment. Press the heart button and reply with some nice emoticons.
  • Search for people that have similar hashtags as you and start direct messaging with someone you really like. In private chats you can get to know each other more, exchange some quick and flirty messages and check whether you are compatible to date. You can exchange your contact information like phone numbers and emails and intensify your conversations. If you both like each other, then a good idea would be to arrange a meeting in person. When you finally meet in person you will get a good idea whether there is chemistry between you two and whether you should proceed forward with your communication.

            These were some advices on how to use Instagram to get dates. Remember that you should be persistent when looking for a date as nothing guarantees success overnight. Take some time to learn all the mentioned tips here, use them wisely and soon enough you should be arranging dates with some nice, attractive people.